Drawknife Billiards - One-of-a-Kind Hand-crafted Rustic and Western Style Custom Game Room Furniture
Drawknife Billiards - rustic, western, custom-built one-of-a-kind game room and bar furnishings. Billiard, foosball, shuffleboard, poker tables, game tables, dartboard cabinets, chairs, bar stools, cue racks
One-of-a-Kind Western-Style Creations Hand-crafted in America
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About Drawknife



The Drawknife, named for the tool that strips the bark from the logs used in our furniture, makes hand-crafted, heirloom-quality products. We are an environmentally aware company, making our billiard tables and companion pieces from seasoned, dead-standing or fallen lodgepole pines harvested from the surrounding Teton Valley forests. We do not cut down living trees to make our products.


Our manufacturing facility is located in the farming area of eastern Idaho, with a spectacular view of the Teton Mountains. We currently employ a team of twelve people, including the artists and craftsmen who produce our unique array of products. Presently we have a national U.S. dealer network of over 50 dealers with more than 100 locations plus two dealers in Canada. 


Originally the company was a local, family-owned business, producing quality, lodgepole furniture for about twenty years. In 1998, the company was purchased by John Hansford, a Northeasterner who fell in love with the laid-back mountain lifestyle of the Western states.


Since 1998, the company has found a market niche, specializing in rustic, “One-of-a-Kind” billiard tables, game tables and accessories. We carefully select logs which define the individual history of each of these majestic pines. Our furniture reflects the beauty of nature by maximizing the unique character traits present in each log. 


Our items come in a variety of log embellishments, from the Standard, made from clean-peeled or skip-peeled logs with beetle-tracking, to the Wilderness which includes carefully matched “cat-faced” logs. The most unique character is found in our rare Burl pieces which are truly individual works of art. We also enhance the natural beauty of each piece with environmentally safe top-coats and waxes to achieve a deep satin luster.


Our products appeal to designers because they can be coordinated and customized to integrate a complete family game room. The Drawknife staff is available to assist designers with any information they may require for their projects.


If you would like more information, please contact us.



Made in America


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