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Custom Variations in the American Prairie Style



Our Most Recent Game Tables


Drawknife American Prairie Variation Backgammon Table
Drawknife American Prairie Variation
Drawknife American Prairie Variation Chess Table


Chess-Backgammon Table


Custom chess-backgammon game table including reversible, custom leather game boards, leather-lined segmented drawers for game pieces and drop-in cup holders. Table is built from distressed knotty alder with panel and iron clavos detail on corners. Matching chairs available.


Drawknife American Prairie Variation Poker Table

Hexagonal Poker Table


Custom six-player poker table in distressed knotty alder, with leather-lined chip places and drop-in cup holders. Square iron clavos corner detail on table body.  Leather upholstered swivel rock chairs with clavos trim compliment the game table.



Shown below are some variations of the American Prairie billiard table. One is a 9' Southwestern style billiard table (shown top left), which includes panel detail on the corners of the body, step-up legs and large hand-forged iron pyramid-shaped decorative clavos on the apron. On the top right, is a similar table, but without the step-up leg addition. This one includes a set of custom iron accessory hooks to hold the bridgestick and ball triangle for easy access during play. Between the two tables is a picture of a custom cue stand with clavos detail added to complement the tables.


Pictured below in the middle row is a Room Group that includes the billiard table, the ping-pong table (shown in the center picture), and the open dartboard. The closed dartboard cabinet is shown in the picture on the right.

The billiard table on the bottom right is trimmed with 1 1/2" clavos spaced around the table's apron. The last picture, (bottom left) is a custom Shuffleboard Table, built in reclaimed barnboard.


Billiard Table

Cue Stand

Billiard Table


American Prairie Gameroom Group

Billiard Table

American Prairie Collection Variation
Ping Pong Table

American Prairie Dartboard Detail

Dart Board


Shuffleboard Table

Billiard Table


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