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The Yellowstone

The Yellowstone Burl Billiard Table

The Yellowstone model is only created when we find a matching pair of large burls for the base. This billiard table is the finest example of our craftsmanship.  A unique blend of Nature’s own handiwork and man’s creativity truly makes each Yellowstone a ONE-OF-A-KIND work of art.  The body and ends of this table feature hand-carved scrolling and ellipses inset with small half-log detail.


Each of the huge burl logs that make up the base is an extremely rare find. Occasionally, as with the example pictured here, we find a single burl log large enough to split in half to make both of the base pedestals. This log has the spectacular combination of a wonderfully, knotted, gnarled look on one side and a heavily, beetle-tracked look on the other, giving this table a totally unique appearance from each side.
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